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A MediaTainment Finance supplement

Apple is the most influential technology conglomerate in the media entertainment (M&E) space, based on its enterprise value. And it tops our Top 15 TechMutineers list.

Considered the world’s most valuable company by several standards at more than US$657bn, it leads a pack of 15 whose combined valuation came to a whopping US$2,418.2bn in September (see Chart 1 below).

While the iPhone (700 million units sold to date) has revolutionized how we access music, videos, books, photos, games, emails and our social media pages, it is the development of the Apple Music streaming platform and music festival, plus the Apple TV set-top box, that have cemented the company’s impact on M&E.



Facebook, the fastest growing start-up in history with a US$270bn valuation on the US’ NASDAQ stock exchange, began as a geeky social-media pastime.

Today, its investment in online video sharing and the phenomenal growth of its mobile advertising revenue have seen it swaying the way other large media giants are structuring their businesses.

They cannot ignore Facebook’s 1.5 billion registered users, the 400 million subscribers to its photo-sharing app Instagram, plus the 900 million using its WhatsApp messaging platform.

Amazon (US$257bn valuation on NASDAQ) began as an online book store. In January, it made history by winning the US’ coveted Golden Globe awards for Transparent, its original TV comedy drama. Its ambitions now include investments in feature films, while still retaining its gargantuan e-commerce empire. And founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.

China’s Alibaba (the only Asian company on the list) is doing everything Amazon has done on a larger scale, even though its valuation (US$158.4bn on NYSE) lags behind its US rival.

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