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Telecoms titan Nokia, which was the ruler of mobile-tech services to the media, entertainment and creative (MEC) sectors until Apple’s iPhone came along, is making a major comeback via ultra-fast 5G tech.




















Back in the day, for about two decades starting in the early 1990s, Nokia was the go-to mobile-phone brand with applications that were set to change how digital consumers accessed and paid for music, videos and other creative content.

You could get mobile games, videos and Nokia Music Store via the Ovi by Nokia web portal; the N-Gage handheld PC functioned as a phone as well as a games system; there were experiments in mobile TV and more. Then, Apple’s iPhone, iTunes and App Store came along with fierce competition from Google – and Nokia’s share of the smartphone market plunged.

But based on recent news coverage, Nokia might be one of those companies that does a temporary down but never a permanent out. Its heavy investments in high-speed 5G Internet tech is bringing it back into the fold of international MEC businesses.

The Teflon telco
“Nokia’s reign in the early 2000s was unique in its content offerings. However, the average consumer was still getting used to using phones for anything other than calling someone, so skepticism was rife,” observes Muki Kulhan, a London-based creative-tech analyst and immersive-media specialist at Muki-International.

“With Nokia’s more recent shift into testing and endorsing 5G at these earlier stages, it has nothing to lose, and hopefully more fans to win,” Kulhan adds.

For example, To promote Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Far from Home (pictured, above) earlier this year, Nokia partnered with Sony’s VR division and computer chip-making multinational Intel to enable fans to see what it feels like to be the iconic Marvel superhero swinging and somersaulting his way across city skyscrapers.

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